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Oratech Laboratories Inc., has provided superior fixed, removable, and implant dental restorations to dental practices throughout the United States since 1987. We have seamlessly paired our unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise with the latest advancements in digital dentistry to ensure that every case we fulfill meets even the most discerning expectations. Whether you require a posterior crown or a highly esthetic and complex All-on-4® prosthetic, our team can provide you with a solution that is both beautiful and practical. Our goal is to help you and your team achieve success throughout the years that you partner with our premier, national dental laboratories. You can be confident with every case you send to Oratech Laboratories because of our extensive experience and involvement with the dental community.

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Digital Dentistry

The Oratech Laboratories team consistently uses the best materials and technology for every case. Our eager embracing of digital technology has allowed us to ensure each patient receives the best fit, function, and esthetics from their new restoration. Our laboratory has the latest CAD/CAM systems, as well as up-to-date scanners and case collaboration abilities.

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Sending cases should never eat up your team's valuable time. When you partner with Oratech Laboratories, Inc., you will benefit from our streamlined case submission process that takes only several minutes! Send your first case today and discover the difference of partnering with a premier dental laboratory.

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Oratech Laboratories is your resource for exceptional value-added services. Whether you are in need of expert reline & repair or comprehensive case planning for a complex implant case, the Oratech team has your back. We also offer emergency and rush services so you can keep your patients smiling even during stressful situations.

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Supporting Our Community

We take our position as a leading dental laboratory seriously. The Oratech team makes it a point to provide continuing education opportunities to members of our dental community. Beyond helping clinicians, we have been a Dental Lifeline Network partner for years. Through Dental Lifeline Network, our team provides dental care to the disabled, elderly, and other disadvantaged members of the public.

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Our team fabricates high-quality fixed crown and bridge products out of the best materials possible. We offer the latest all-ceramics and traditional metal-based options.


We have a wide variety of full and partial dentures to meet your patients' needs. Using innovative materials like Vitallium® we are proud to offer superior prosthetics.


The expert craftsmanship and insight of our technicians allows us to fabricate custom abutments and All-on-4® restorations. Pair either of these offers with our case planning service!